• Times standards, staffers or not

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    It’s not easy for The Times to ensure that freelancers, who contribute a substantial portion of the paper’s content, abide by ethics guidelines that editors believe are self-evident and essential to the paper’s credibility but that writers sometimes don’t think about, or don’t think apply to their circumstances, or believe are unfair or unrealistic. Some writers do not read the guidelines carefully, and although they are encouraged to raise possible conflicts of interest with an editor, some don’t tell and are not asked.

  • Station ombudsman builds viewer trust

    Ombudsmen in the News

    Paul Giacobbe isn’t on-air much at WJAR Providence, but when he is, viewers—and station staffers—take particular notice. Both parties are prime players in Giacobbe’s Viewer’s Voice segments, which shine a light on WJAR reports that have stirred controversy with the station’s audience. Giacobbe is the ombudsman at the Media General station, charged with making sure […]

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