• Should ombudsmen criticize opinion?


    Dealing with the question of whether ombuds should be involved in critiquing opinion journalism has long been a problem. That’s because journalism should be about allowing a range of opinions. But what if an opinion goes too far? Yavuz Baydar from the newspaper Sabah in Istanbul posed this dilemma and got some answers from ONO […]

  • Hacking away at the truth

    Ombudsmen in the News

    This is the text of The Guardian editor’s Orwell lecture on journalism and the phone-hacking scandal, given at University College, London on Nov. 10, 2011. Thank you for asking me to give this lecture. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have become a journalist were it not for George Orwell. His collected Essays, Journalism and Letters appeared […]

  • 2011 ONO Conference in Montreal, Canada

    2011 Conference, Conferences

    We will be meeting in our annual conference in Montreal, Canada from May 15 to May 18 under the sponsorship of the national broadcaster, Radio-Canada/CBC. A detailed agenda will be sent out soon, but for your planning purposes and travel arrangements, there will be an executive meeting beginning at noon on Sunday, May 15. A […]

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