Ombudsman mandate review launched

CBC/Radio-Canada have launched a review of the mandate for their ombudsmen.

The review follows last year’s update of CBC Journalistic Standards and Practices and deals specifically with the role of the ombudsmen in the current media landscape. The mandate has not been reviewed for several years.

CBC president Hubert T. Lacroix says social media and the Internet have changed the way in which the corporation does business, so “it’s important that we understand new media’s impact, either real or potential, on the mandate and role of our ombudsmen.”


Roundtable focues on media self-regulation in Turkey

A group of senior Turkish journalists and international experts met in Istanbul to discuss media self-regulation and ombudsman mechanisms in a national roundtable. This meeting started the second series of events initiated by UNESCO within the framework of the project, Alignment to International Standards in the Media Sector of South-East European Countries.


Discussing a dilemma

Members of ONO recently discussed an issue concerning complaints, fairness, balance, and ethical dilemmas. The conversation took place via e-mail. It is re-posted here to serve as an example of the thinking and clarity ombudsmen bring to their jobs.


Keeping Tabs on the Times

Part journalistic Renaissance man, part regular guy, former reporter, columnist, editor, publisher and corporate executive, Arthur Brisbane is the new public editor of The New York Times. Read more: Keeping Tabs on the Times


Defensores del público en la prense LatinoAmericana: Un trabajo complejo que busca consolidarse

Introduction: Prof. Flavia Pauwels of the University of Buenos Aires is a scholar of ombudsmanship in Latin America, Spain and Portugal. Here is her scholarly assessment of the growth of the institution in Latin countries. An English translation to follow shortly. Resumen: Al iniciarse 2010 al menos treinta experiencias de Defensorías del público se encontraban […]


The news ombudsman: Watchdog or decoy?

The Netherlands Media Ombudsman Foundation, which is dedicated to the self-regulation of journalism in Dutch-speaking regions, in collaboration with the Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Department of Journalism in Tilburg, has conducted a study into the performance of ombudsmen in the news media. The study is intended to provide professional journalists with more insight into […]