• Journalists dying for the story

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    Over the past decade, more than 750 journalists and media employees have been murdered worldwide. It’s a reminder that the information we depend on from around the world is not without cost.

    It’s a sad reality that far too many journalists around the globe have been killed for their work. But the fact that some courageous and committed journalists are willing to die for their stories is indeed a story worth telling.

  • Times standards, staffers or not

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    It’s not easy for The Times to ensure that freelancers, who contribute a substantial portion of the paper’s content, abide by ethics guidelines that editors believe are self-evident and essential to the paper’s credibility but that writers sometimes don’t think about, or don’t think apply to their circumstances, or believe are unfair or unrealistic. Some writers do not read the guidelines carefully, and although they are encouraged to raise possible conflicts of interest with an editor, some don’t tell and are not asked.

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