• ‘Alleged,’ ‘accused’ are important words

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    Readers wonder why the Express-News and other media report that a suspect “allegedly” killed 12 people last November at Fort Hood, or why another is a “suspect” in an “alleged terrorist attack” on Northwest Airlines Flight 253 on Christmas Day.

    Legitimate questions, notes Bob Richter, public editor of the Express-News. To the dozens of witnesses in both incidents, it was clear who was behind both incidents. “So why the $10 legalese when anyone with 2 cents worth of common sense knows what happened and who did it?”

    It’s simple: The U.S. Bill of Rights grants newspapers “freedom … of the press” but not the freedom to declare someone guilty of a crime.

  • Tattoos, Woods, rabbits and unrealized promises

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    “How can a TV host be allowed to get a tattoo on live TV?”

    “How can you guys sink so low as to start airing shows about people being unfaithful?”

    A selection of recent comments from viewers includes these and other questions about the slaughtering of rabbits on Survivor, refugee “children” and when a particular favorite show will be on again.

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